Adventures in Minnesota

I love Minnesota and all it has to offer. Read here about places we’ve been and things we’ve done in the Twin Cities and beyond.

MN Bingo: Polar bears at Como Zoo

como zoo polar bear

Mark took all three kids to the Como Zoo today to check “see the polar bears at the Como Zoo” off the bingo card. The kids liked acting like “an angry polar bear,” a part of the interactive exhibit Polar Bear Odyssey,…

Minnesota Summer Bingo Card


Mark wanted to make a Bingo card of fun Minnesota activities to keep his Minnesota Studies students busy during the summer. He started a list but was having trouble thinking of enough activities. The Minnesota booster that I am, I filled it up in no time.

Our kids definitely have our same (some might say hokey) sense of fun and they immediately asked if we could do everything on the Bingo card.

I know summer is already one third over (YIKES) but we’d love to have you join us!

Lanesboro Rhubarb Festival

When I came across a blurb about Lanesboro’s Rhubarb Festival in the Pioneer Press travel section a few weeks ago, I knew immediately I had to go. The very same day, my mom asked if we wanted to go camping…

Apples, pumpkins and chickens at Whistling Well Farm


We made our annual fall orchard trip this week. We picked a peck of apples, selected five pumpkins, petted chickens and heard a donkey’s bray for the first time. This year we went to Whistling Well Farms, one of several orchards near the St. Croix River between Afton and Hastings.

An amazing time at Afton Apple

We had planned to meet friends to do a corn maze this weekend but they were unable to join us. I was tired and cranky and thought about calling off our outing too. But I am so glad I didn’t.…

I (heart) St. Paul

The gals at LoveFeast Table are talking today about their favorite city — New York City — and asked what our favorite city is. My first thought was Park Rapids, Minn., but that’s more of a town than a city.…

Testing toys for Creative Kidstuff

Taking kids to a toy store is dangerous, right? Well a few weeks ago, we took the kids to Creative Kidstuff’s Edina location and let them run around playing with toys they’d never seen before. I we didn’t have to…