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Apples, pumpkins and chickens at Whistling Well Farm


We made our annual fall orchard trip this week. We picked a peck of apples, selected five pumpkins, petted chickens and heard a donkey’s bray for the first time. This year we went to Whistling Well Farms, one of several orchards near the St. Croix River between Afton and Hastings.

An amazing time at Afton Apple

We had planned to meet friends to do a corn maze this weekend but they were unable to join us. I was tired and cranky and thought about calling off our outing too. But I am so glad I didn’t.…

Free* museum and orchard outings

We attempted two outings this weekend. Friday we went to the Minnesota History Center with a free Museum Adventure Pass, available at local libraries. The pass was not good for the special exhibit, Vatican Splendors, which we wanted to see. It…