MN Bingo: Polar bears at Como Zoo

como zoo polar bear

como zoo gorilla statue

Mark took all three kids to the Como Zoo today to check “see the polar bears at the Como Zoo” off the bingo card.

The kids liked acting like “an angry polar bear,” a part of the interactive exhibit Polar Bear Odyssey, which features two massive polars. Unfortunately, one polar bear was out of view the whole time and the other was in the indoor enclosure rather than out swimming.

But while the polar bears were the goal, the gorillas stole the show.

As Mark and the kids arrived at opening time, zoo employees were ushering people into the conservatory. Mark quickly found out a gorilla had left its enclosure. It was later discovered to be three gorillas — but they were never in an area accessible to the public.

Watching the gorillas was a highlight for the kids after all the escape excitement. The seals were their second favorite animal.

Ellie got a kick out of the flamingos’ pink feet, laughing every time one walked. Connor was amused by a lion whose ear kept twitching. They all liked watching an orangutan play with a box.



Mark can’t seem to stay out of the news lately, so here’s another 3 seconds of fame. :)

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