Minnesota Summer Bingo Card

Mark wanted to make a Bingo card of fun Minnesota activities to keep his Minnesota Studies students busy during the summer. He started a list but was having trouble thinking of enough activities. The Minnesota booster that I am, I filled it up in no time.

Our kids definitely have our same (some might say hokey) sense of fun and they immediately asked if we could do everything on the Bingo card too. Mark has done six of the items so far — some with all of us along, some with only one or two kids. I’ll be blogging about them shortly and will try to keep up with blogging about each item as we complete them.

I know summer is already one third over (YIKES) but we’d love to have you join us! Before school starts, I’ll repost the card with our completed activities crossed out and you can all do the same in the comments of that post.

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